<Data Engineering and Analytics made simple/>

We help companies to organise their data landscape and extract Value from it.



Why work with us?

Data Processing, Business Intelligence and Analytics have become a crucial part of many businesses. At the same time structuring large amounts of data and extracting value from it is not a trivial task.

We support companies throughout their data journey towards a well-organised data landscape, which brings tangible benefits to the business.

Every company is unique. At Version Lambda we put a lot of effort into understanding what exactly are the challenges your company is facing and where you want to go. We utilise our experience from previous projects and offer concrete solutions to your problems.

Version Lambda offers a blend of IT Consultancy Services and Company Trainings so your company has the data projects on track.

Our area of expertise include:

  • Data architecture

  • Data Engineering

  • ETL pipelines

  • Python programming

  • Dashboards and visualisation

  • Software tests, QA and QA strategy
  • Security, process and best practices

  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Machine learning engineering and AI

Data Engineering and Analytics made simple!

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