Hello there!

My name is Luben, I am the founder and CEO of Version Lambda. I studied Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and have been involved in commercial software projects for more than a decade.

The idea of Version Lambda has been forming over the past few years. In my praxis as an independent IT consultant I have seen that the field of Software Development is really large. On top of that it continues to evolve and change at a rather high pace. These constant changes pose significant risks for companies but it also offer new opportunities. New opportunities to create better and more sustainable businesses, have happier customers and happier employees.

The goal of Version Lambda is to gather at one place IT KnowHow, techniques and patterns that could be used by companies to solve some of the hardest problems in IT.

We do this by combining scientific approaches based on data with pragmatic engineering, a lot of communication and some good old coding when needed :)

I say we, because behind Version Lambda there is a growing network of senior IT Experts, who offer their specialised KnowHow in the form of trainings and consultancy packages.

As with many things, Version Lambda is not static, it is in motion. We are constantly looking for what is truly the state-of-the-art in IT. What are the new patterns that companies can use to speedup their innovation. How can we use technology to make the world a bit better if you will.

Luben Alexandrov
CEO Version Lambda
Luben Alexandrov

Luben Alexandrov