Terms and Conditions for www.versionlambda.com

The current Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Version Lambda GmbH, hereinafter referred to as “Version Lambda”, on the one hand, and the users of Internet pages and content comprising the www.versionlambda.com website.

Mandatory information

The  www.versionlambda.com website is operated and maintained by Version Lambda GmbH. Version Lambda GmbH is a company established in Löffelstr. 22-24 70597 Stuttgart, Germany under the register number HRB 788355 email: info@versionlambda.com.


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the concepts listed below should be understood in the following sense:

Website – www.versionlambda.com and all its subpages. 

User – a natural or legal person who interacts with any of the pages or content included in www.versionlambda.com.

Articles – original articles created by the team of Version Lambda GmbH or its affiliates and published as blog posts on the https://versionlambda.com web page.

Version Lambda – the legal entity of Version Lambda GmbH as described in the mandatory information paragraph above.

Intellectual property

  1. The intellectual property rights on all materials and resources located on the Website are subject to protection under the applicable copyright legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. The intellectual property rights over all content on the Website, unless specifically specified otherwise, belongs to the Version Lamda, and cannot be used in violation of the current terms and conditions and the applicable legislation.
  2. The articles published on the Website are original content protected by the applicable copyright legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany. The articles can be used by users and third parties in the context of non-commercial activity as long as the Version Lambda is attributed upon the use.
  3. For the purpose of interpretation of the current Terms and Conditions “non-commercial” use shall be considered any use from which the respective user cannot derive direct or indirect profits. Any other use shall be considered as commercial use.
  4. The commercial use of the articles is permitted only after express permission from Version Lambda. You may contact us on any such occasions at the contacts presented on the www.versionlambda.com Website.
  5. In the case of copying or reproduction of any resources on the Website beyond what is permissible, as well as in case of any other violation of intellectual property rights on any such resources, Version Lambda has the right to claim compensation for the direct and indirect damages suffered in full.


  1.  Version Lambda makes great efforts to keep the content of the articles true and up-to-date. However, it is still possible that factual or other mistakes occur and Version Lambda gives no guarantees over the absence of errors. The articles or any other content that is published on the www.versionlambda.com website shall not be perceived as consultancy or advisory services and the content, conclusions and recommendations contained therein are not intended to replace a professional consultancy service.
  2. Version Lambda is not liable for damages, including direct and indirect damages, including lost profits, that a user of the Website would incur under any circumstances related to the published content of the Website and access to it. By using the Website, users assume all risks associated therewith, including any risk to users’ end devices, software or data.


  1. The use of private data of the users by Version Lambda is regulated by the Website’s Privacy policy. The privacy policy is considered part of the current terms and conditions and is incorporated into the same by reference.
  2. Users must use the Website in good faith, including not taking malicious actions that may affect the accessibility of content to third parties or the use of the Website in general.
  3. Version Lаmbda reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions at its discretion, as at any moment the current terms and conditions for use of the Website will be published on the same.
  4. The provisions of the current legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to all matters not settled by these General Terms and Conditions.